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DATE: 1737

MAP MAKER: attrib. Jean Frédéric Bernard.

SIZE: 10 3/16" X 7 3/8".

PRICE: $1250.00


Jean Frédéric Bernard; 1683-1744.
   Precious little is known about Bernard, a prolific publisher having businees in Amsterdam.
Of note:
- Recueil d'Arrests et Autres Pieces pour l'Etablissement de la Compagnie d'Occident:....
- The Praise of Hell: or, A View of the Infernal Regions
- Relations de La Louisiane, et du Fleuve Mississipi: ou l'on Voit l'Etat de ce Grand Pais et les Avantages qu'il Peut Produire &C.
- Cérémonies et Coutumes religieuses de tous les Peuples du Monde;...ten volumes).
- Recueil des Voiages au nord. (nine volumes).

New map of Georgia; 1737.
    This seldom found rare map (10 3/16" X7 3/8") was originally designed for inclusion in
 Rev. Louis Hennepin's (Utrecht-1697) "Nouvelle Découverte d'un Très Grand Pays Situé dans l'Amérique, entre le Nouveau Mexique et la Mer Glaciale:...".
This map was included in volume 9 of "Recueil de Voiages au Nord."(a compilation of travel accounts from diverse missionaries and explorers).
Of course Bernard had to adapt the Hennepin map to account for the establishment of the Georgia Colony in 1732.
Notice that at that time, most map makers would extend the Colonies parallel border lines westward to the Mississippi River. Notice also that neitherNew Orleans (established 1719) nor Savanah (established 1734) are shown. Charleston is prominently indicated, together with Port Royall (present days Beaufort and Parris Island).
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