St. Augustine.


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DATE: 1802

MAP MAKER: John Luffman.

SIZE: 4 7/8" X 6".

PRICE: $250.00


John Luffman; 1756-1846.
  Luffman, a goldsmith working in London from about 1776 until 1802, also designed, engraved and published a number of separate maps as well as atlases. such as his "Select Plans".
Of note:
- the 1801 Luffman's Select Plans of the Princioal Cities, Harbours, Forts &. in the World. This work contained a wide and unusual selection of detailed plans from all around the world. These plans contain surprising detail, often with a numbered key.
- the 1817 Luffman's Geographical and Topographical Atlas.

St. Augustine. - 1802.
    This rare small map (4 7/8" X 6") was originally designed in 1801.
Note that North is on thr right side.
It shows the Capital of Eastern Florida; the walled town and its fort: San Marcos.
Indian settlements are located North and South of the Spanish city.
The hardor is quite shallow and of difficult access (depths given in fathoms at low tide).
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