Carta Reppresentante la Penisola della Florida.- #2357


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DATE: 1763

MAP MAKER: Giuseppe Pazzi.

SIZE: 8 1/4" X 8 13/16"

PRICE: $475.00


         Giuseppe Pazzi.
   Precious little is known about Pazzi, if not for his significant contribution to Marco Coltinelli's  3 volumes "Il Gazzettiere Americano contenente un distinto   
ragguaglio di tutte le parti del Nuovo Mondo".  First published in London as   The American Gazetteer in 1762, it contained 78 plates and maps. Pazzi supplied most of the maps, primarily by copying  works of famous cartographers of the time, and changing the language to Italian. These maps were then engraved by well known artists, such as the "genre" painter Andrea Scacciati or encyclopedic illustrator Violante Vanni.

 Carta Reppresentante la Penisola della Florida.
This small map (8 1/4" X 8 13/16")  was printed for the 1763 Italian edition of the gazzetitere. Its delineation is clearly derived from Bellin's 1754 "Carte du golphe du Mexique et des isles de l’Amerique". The inland topography  is very tentative , and the sea shores are quite detailed, excepted for those of the peninsula itself.
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