Les Coste aux Environs de la Riviere de Misisipi. - #2348

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DATE: 1705

MAP MAKER: Nicolas de Fer.

SIZE: 12 1/16" X 8 3/8".

PRICE: $1200.00


Nicolas de Fer; 1646-1720.

Engraver, publisher, and geographer, de Fer knew a great reputation during his lifetime.
Not so much because of his contribution to the advancement of world mapping, nor for the publication of his atlases (1695 “Atlas Royal”, 1697 “Petit et Nouveau Atlas”, 1700-1705 “Atlas Curieux”,..), but above all because of his large wall maps.
For these individual maps, he expanded on the Blaeu “carte à figures” style; and incorporated flamboyant representations: royals in heroic postures, mythology and history characters, allegories and famous vistas,… the decoration taking over the cartographic content with a profusion of baroque scenery.
He was appointed Geographer to the King, even though it appears retrospectively, that his cartographic skills might not have been too accurate.

Les Costes aux Environs de la Riviere Misisipi.
N. de fer - 1705.

This map (12 1/16" X 8 3/8") was originally produced for the 1701 "Atlas Curieux".
The present item is the second state printed for the 1705 issue of this atlas (it is recogniazable by a page number on the top right corner and the 1705 date in the cartouche).
Note: the map was printed on a page having another print, either on top or below. This print was a large engraved text bloc recounting the events of the Cavelier de la Salle Mississipii territories discovery and of his assassination; and the fort building of Iberville on the Mobile River and the Mississippi River.
This map shows a rather old fahion delineation on the Florida coastline ( somewhat reminiscent of the 1597 Wytfliet work), but a well informed up to date lay of the Texas region land.
The cartouche shows a dramatic depiction of the murders of Cavelier de la Salle (left) - and of his nephew (right) -, by disgruntled colonists rebelling against his rule of the small settlement.
Notice the fort on the left bank of the Mississippi where New orleans will later be established.
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