Is. de Cuba et de Jamaica. - #2337

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DATE: 1618

MAP MAKER: Jodocus II Hondius.

SIZE: 5 1/8" X 3 13/16".

PRICE: $550.00


Jodocus Hondius (the Elder), 1563 - 1612.
Jodocus Hondius II (son), 1594 - 1629.
Henricus Hendius (son), 1587 - 1638.

Jodocus  was a most notable engraver in Ghent who moved to London to escape religious troubles. There he came in contact with many scientists and cartographers. His good stead followed him to Amsterdam and he was chosen by John Speed to engrave his "The theatre of the Empire of Great Britain".
In 1604 he acquired the plates of Mercator's Atlas which he complemented with 40 of his own maps to produce the many time issued Mercator/Hondius Atlas. A miniature version of it "Atlas Minor" knew great success in 1607.
Upon his demise his widow and two sons continued to amplify and correct his Atlas work which knew about 50 re-editions. They often cooperated with first rank cartographers such as Jan Jansson, or publishers such as Petrus Bertius.


Cuba et Jamaica
Jodocus II Hondius; 1618.                                 

This small map (5 1/8" X 3 13/16") was designed for the pocket-size Tabularum Geographicarum first published by Bertius in 1616. The present item was printed for the 1618 French edition.
Its delineation is much in line with the accepted standard of the time.
Notice on the southern coast, on the west side the town of S. Christofori (first location for the town of Havana, long abandoned by then), and on the east side the town of S. Jacobus, the Santiago of today.
By comparison the Island of Jamaica seems quite empty with only two small settements.
French text on verso.





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