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DATE: 1696

MAP MAKER: Vincenzo Maria Coronelli.

SIZE: 11 1/2" X 8 5/8".

PRICE: $650.00


Vincenzo Maria Coronelli; 1650 - 1718.

A Franciscan priest in Venice, Coronelli became eventually the Father General of his order in 1699.
By that time, he was a famous mathematician, a respected cartographer and a noted globe maker (he is known to have built one large 15' terrestrial globe for Louis XIV of France).
He was also a geography teacher at the University, the founder of the "Academia Cosmografica degli Argonauti", and the official Cosmographer of the Venetian Republic.
From his very large output, note the 1691 "Atlante Veneto*" or Venetian Atlas, the 1693 "Libro dei Globi", and the 1696 "Isolario dell'Atlante Veneto".
* The Atlante was a two volume work, volume I was first published in 1691, volume II (titled "Corso Geografico Universale") was first published in 1692 and reissued in 1695.

Isola Cuba descritta.....                                 

This rare map (11 1/2" X 8 5/8") was designed for the Corso Geografico. The present item is of the second state (1696), recognized by the elimination of rhumb lines.
For the Isolario the map was printed together with 3 other maps on the same page (clockwise from the top right; Cuba, Jamaica, Hispañola, Iceland). This why the margins on right and bottom are quite narrow.
Notice the young Bacchus in the cartouche celebrating the generous nature of the island.
Notice also the full name for the capital city: San Chritobal de la Havana, and the strange shape of Southern Florida (Tegesta).
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