Carte de la Floride et de la Georgie - #2323

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DATE: 1782

MAP MAKER: Pierre François Tardieu.

SIZE: 16 3/4" X 12 5/8".

PRICE: $900.00


Pierre François Tardieu; 1752-1798.

A scion of a major prominent Parisian dynastic engraver family, Tardieu benefited from the accumulated experience and success of his kin. He should not be confused with his most famous parent (1711-1771) going by the exact same name, who was a much admired engraver of famous titillating compositions by Rubens or Boucher.
He is known to have collaborated with Paul Philippe (Comte de Ségur*) for his "Atlas Universel" first published in 1782. The Atlas is known for the bluish color of the rag paper used for most of its maps.

* remote chance for being parent to Odet Philippe who claimed to be a count, and ended building the first ever notable Floridian grapefruit plantation on the Bay of Tampa at present day Safety Harbor.

Carte de la Floride et de la Georgie

This good size map (16 3/4" X 12 5/8") was designed for the 1782 first issue of the Atlas Universel.
The present item was possibly printed at a later date (1795?) to be sold as a separate sheet map.
Notice how the delineation between South Carolina and Georgia is precise, while no attempt is made to separate Georgia, Florida and Louisiana, this will have further unpleasant consequences when the USA will try to stabilize the borders...and ultimately lead to the cession of Florida to the US.
Also note that longitudes are given with reference to either the westernmost island of the Canary Archipelago (Isla de Hierro, or Isle de Fer.) on top of the map, or Paris (at bottom of the map).
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