Le Royaume d'Espagne avec ses Confins. - #2312

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DATE: c1710

MAP MAKER: Paul De La Feuille.

SIZE: 7 5/8" X 5 5/8".

PRICE: $275.00


Daniel de La Feuille; 1640 - 1709.
Jacob de la Feuille (son); 1668 - 1719.
Paul de La Feuille (son); 1688 - 1727.
Daniel was born of Huguenot stock in Sedan. There he was apprenticed as a watchmaker. In 1663 he married Charlette Marlet, the daughter of a local carpenter. Twenty years later, in 1683, facing religious persecution in France, the family fled to Amsterdam.
By 1686 Daniel had become a burgher (citizen) of the city and established himself as a engraver, publisher, and art dealer. Not long after, in 1691, he was admitted into the Booksellers Guild.
He soon published his masterpiece in 1692 “Devises et Emblems”, a collection of symbols, allegories and designs mostly likely intended as templates for silversmiths, engravers, and watchmakers.
His cartographic work includes numerous individual maps and atlases, many of which continued to be published by his sons.
Of note the 1706 “Les Tablettes Guerrières” later reprinted in Dutch and English.

Le Royaume d'Espagne avec ses Confins.
This small map (7 5/8.” X 5 5/8”) was designed for the 1706 “Military Tablettes”.
The present items was probably printed for a French version of the work.
It shows the whole Iberian Peninsula: Spain and Portugal.
But strangely it does not show Andorra (independent since 1278), neither does it show Gibraltar as ceded to Britain in 1704; while it shows the kingdom of Algarve (which will be annexed to Portugal in 1773 following the massive destruction due to the 1755 earthquake).
Probably influenced by their father, the sons show quite a few coats of arms as they stood at that time (top to bottom, left to right): Biscayne, Asturias, Galicia, Portugal, Algarve, Andalusia, Granada, Murcia, Valencia, Catalonia, Mallorca, Aragon, Navarra, Castile (vieja), Castile (nueva),Leon.
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