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DATE: 1797

MAP MAKER:Giovanni Maria Cassini.

SIZE: 18 11/16" X 13 1/2"

PRICE: $1500


Giovanni Maria Cassini, 1745? - 1805?.

Giovanni Maria Cassini, with seemingly no relation with the long dynasty of scientists, mathematicians, astronomers (the first having been Jean Dominique Cassini of the Paris Observatory fame), was a noted geographer, engraver, and publisher in Rome.
He was one of the last of the fine Italian globe makers active at the end of the 18th century. Cassini made Terrestrial and Celestial Globes in 1790 and 1792.  He also published the twelve terrestrial and twelve celestial globe gores that formed these globes in his atlas "Nuovo Atlante Geografico Universale", along with rules for the construction of globes and globe gores. All incorporating the latest information gained from returning Capt. Cook in 1790.
Of note, besides his globes,  his Nuevo Atlante Geografico Universale (Vol. I 1792, Vol II 1797, Vol. III 1801), with most maps having a signature rounded cartouche.

Gli Stati Uniti dell'America Delineati sullie ultime Osservazioni.
Quinto Foglio che comprende La Georgia, e Parte della Carolina
con, La Florida
G M Cassini; 1797.  
This rare fairly sized map (18 11/16" X 13 1/2") is a good example of enduring passé delineation for the State. Not only the shorelines are quite wrong. with positions of  coastal island erratic at best (see the Amelia island), but the hinterland is pure fantasy.. The border lines are also disputable, such as Louisiana east of the Mississippi?..
Notice that the north is given with a very antiquated "tramontana", not used since the middle of the 16th century. Only interesting feature: the road network.
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