Typus totius orbis terraquei geographice delineatus,.. - #2271

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DATE: c1700

MAP MAKER: Heinrich Scherer.

SIZE: 13 3/4" X 8 5/8"

PRICE: $1600.00


Heinrich Scherer; 1628 - 1704.

This German Jesuit was a teacher of Hebrew, math and ethics at the University of Dillingen until 1680. He then became tutor to the royal princes of Mantua and Bavaria in Munich.
A good cartographer, he developed a revolutionary style: the thematic maps.
He is known to have published a few atlases, in particular showing religious influenced maps, such as the expansion of Christendom in the world, the itineraries of Apostles, the location of Jesuit missions, etc.
Of note: his seven part "Atlas Novus" issued first in 1702-1710, re-issued in 1730-1737. This massive work contained no less than eleven different maps of the world.

Typus totius orbis terraquei geographice delineatus,..

This unusual mid-sized map (13 3/4" X 8 5/8") was prepared in 1700. It was included in part V ("Geographia Artificialis") of the Atlas Novus.
Its date of printing is probably before 1710 (by the time of the second edition, Baja was better known, see below).
It is constructed in twelve gores which can be later applied and glued on the surface of a sphere, to form a mappemonde or earth globe*.
Notice that:
- the reference meridian passes by Hierro Island, as it was customary in those days.
- the"Island of California" (On the basis of his explorations, Father Eusebio Kino produced in 1705 the first map proving that Baja was a peninsula, not an island).
- the largely absent delineation of New Zealand (Captain James Cook , first to circumnavigate it, charted the first map of the islands). During this first of three voyages (1768-1771), he also was first to explore and map the eastern coast of Australia (New Holland).
- the poor knowledge of the Alaska-Siberia area.
No text on verso.

* No Scherer original globe has survived (perhaps none was ever made).
However some modern copies are still being manufactured in England (see picture).




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