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DATE: 1902

MAP MAKER: Esteban Pichardo.

SIZE: 37 X 28 5/8

PRICE: $300.00


Esteban T Pichardo.
Son of a gifted geographer and cartographer, Esteban fond natural to work for the Surveyors Office of his native land: Cuba.
The Office published regularly theme maps (in particular a strange map showing the concentrations of slaves of given origins).
The map showing the material make up of the streets of Havana is another weird example.

Plano de la Habana por D. Esteban T. Pichardo, agrimensor y maestro de obras.
Second title: Map showing classification of streets, Havana, Cuba.
This rare large map(37 X 28 5/8) was issued on April 30th 1902: the last day of the US occupation of Cuba.
According to the 1998 Treaty of Paris at the conclusion of the War with Spain, the US army occupied several Spanish colonies such as Guam, The Philippines, Porto Rico and Cuba. Independence was granted to Cuba after it accepted the humiliating terms of the Platt Amendment imposed by the US for such freedom.
Notice that the map is signed by First Lt. Burden, Corps of Engineers, USA as Chief Engineer City of Havana.
The main interest of this map is the diverse types of materials used to pave the streets.
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