Supplemento alla Florida Orientale - #2250

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DATE: 1778

MAP MAKER: Antonio Zatta.

SIZE: 6 3/8" X 5 5/16".

PRICE: $275.00


Antonio Zatta; 1757- 1797.

A Venetian publisher, Zatta specialized in Italian versions of successful books and atlases.
Of note: the 1775 "Atlante Novissimo, Illustrato ed Accresciuto sulle Osservazioni e Scoperte Fatte dai Piu Celebri e Piu Recenti Cartografi" in 4 volumes containing 218 finely detailed maps. It was re-edited till 1785.
Also the 1778 "Storia dell' America Settentrionale.." a translation of a Raynal's work. It included twelve maps for the USA, strongly inspired from John Mitchell's seminal 1755 "Map of the British and French Dominions in North America". But in a rare prescient manner Zatta renamed the group of maps "Colonie Unite dell America Settentrionale", or "The United Colonies of North America". Starting in 1779, these twelve maps were incorporated in the "Atlante Novissimo ..".
Others maps were directly translated from the publications of Guillaume Thomas François Raynal - Rigobert Bonne/Giovanni Rizzi-Zannoni).
Also of note: the 1799 posthumous "Nuovo Atlante" issued by his son.

Supplemento alla Florida Orientale.

This small map (6 3/8" X 5 5/16") was originally designed as an inset for the "Il Paese de' Selvaggi Outauacesi, e Kilistinesi intorno al Lago Superiore."(top right map of the composite "Colonie Unite."). The present item is a cut-out of said larger map.
The presence of a Florida inset on a lake Superior map is due to the overall design of the "Colonie Unite.." which had no room left for South Florida in the right bottom quadrant. Empty spaces in the Atlantic were populated with Bermuda and Jamaica,. and an empty space in Canada was filled with South Florida!
Numerous lakes, mountain ranges, archipelago coastal delineation, strange inland name places,. all attest of the poor geographical knowledge of this area.
Conversely, the Bahamas are quite well represented.
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