L'Asie en ses Régions et principaux Etats.- #2234

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DATE: c1729.

MAP MAKER: C Buffier.

SIZE: 7 1/16" X 5 13/16".

PRICE: $175.00


Claude Buffier; 1661 - 1737.

Born in Poland from French parents, he soon returned to Rouen and then Paris where he stayed.
A Jesuit, he devoted himself to science, theology and philosophy (Voltaire naming him the only Jesuit having ever developed a credible philosophical system).
In 1717 he published the very Cartesian "Traité des vérités premières", then in 1724 "Elément de métaphysique".
In 1729 he issued "Géographie universelle", having F Desbruslins (another Jesuit father, often associated with famous cartographers such as P Buache and J N Bellin ) doing the engraving of the maps. "Géographie" is known to have been edited at least twelve times till 1822.


L'Asie divisée en ses régions et principaux états.

This small map (7 1/16" X 5 13/16") was designed for the 1729 "Géographie".
The date of printing of the present item is unknown.
However, the overall aspect, the hand coloring style, the type of paper and the general condition make one believe the map has been issued during the first half of the eighteenth century.
Notice the emaciated Indian subcontinent (typical of XVIIth century maps), the Papua/Australia landmass, the old name for Tokyo (Yedo), the capital city of Tibet (Potala), the strange name for Alaska ("Terre de la Compagnie".or "Land of the Company"??).
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