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DATE: 1661

MAP MAKER: Philipp Clüver

SIZE: 7 13/16" X 6 3/16"

PRICE: $250.00


Philipp Clüver; 1580-1622.

Clüver, also known as Philippi Cluverii, was born in Danzig, but did most of his studying in Holland and England. He quickly specialized in "historical" geography. Having limited cartographic abilities, he relied extensively on the map making skills of well known authors, such as Petrus Bertius & Petrus Kaerius. Of note, his publishing of Germania Antiqua, Italia Antiqua, Sicilia Antiqua. Their never obsolete subjects insured continued re-edition long after his passing away (till 1724!). His "Introductionis in Universam Geographicam tam veterem quam novam libri", first printed in 1624, had even a more impressive longevity, with issues in varying formats dating until 1729 (or later).

Galliae veteris typus.

This small map (7 13/16" X 6 3/16") was designed for the "Universam Geographicam" first published in 1624. The present item was engraved by Kaerius, it was printed for the 1661 edition of this work.
Like most map of France at that time, it follows very closely the delineation first proposed in 1570 by Ortelius (as seen in the subnosed Britanny, and the atrophied Cotentin peninsula). Notice the roman administrative organization of the Gauls into four major provinces: Lugdunensis, Aquitania, Narbonensis, and Belgica with minor provinces such as Germania (superior) and Helveticam. The northern part of Italy seems also included in the Gauls. Notice also the very dense citification of early days France.
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