Descriptio GalliŠ cum cosinys regionibus 1626. - #2181

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DATE: 1626

MAP MAKER: David Custos.

SIZE: 12" X 10 1/4"

PRICE: $315.00


David Custos (or Custodi), c1600-c1650.

Precious little is known about David Custos or Custodi.
Custos was by trade an engraver, seemingly based in Frankfurt am Main. He is known to have illustrated in particular the "Lorberkrantz" (a history of the Holy Roman Emperor Ferdinand II), first volume edited in 1627 by Nicolaus Bellus (pseudonym for Michael Caspar Lundorp).
He also engraved illustrations for the Theatrum Historiae Universalis issued by Christoph Helwig (Helvicus) in 1644 (a historic treatise covering the period of 1517 till 1644); and for which he is said to have prepared reduced versions of Gerard Mercator maps.

Descriptio GalliŠ cum cosinys regionibus 1626.

This medium size map (12' X 10 ╝") was drawn in 1626 but the present item printing date is unknown. It may have been issued for a low priced publication: the printer did a rather poor show, with ink smudges near Dijon, and faint lines west of Avignon.
It is however a rare map, seen less often than the models it is derived from.
The coastal delineation follows generally speaking the model offered by Ortelius seminal map of 1570 (characterized by the atrophied Cotentin peninsula).
The vernacular language used for place names is unusual for a document of this date (almost all maps of this time were inscribed in Latin).
Note how the spelling is extremely free, consistent with the norm of the day (phonetics based).
Of note, the town of S Andre on the northern shore of Spain, which we know now as Santander.
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