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DATE: c1647

MAP MAKER: Jan Jansson

SIZE: 19 1/4" X 15 3/8".

PRICE: $475.00


Jan Jansson; 1588 - 1664.

Born in Arnhem in a publisher's family, he married the daughter of famed cartographer Jodocus Hondius, and soon set up his own book making business is Amsterdam. In partnership with his brother-in-law (Henricus Hondius) he published reprints of the Mercator atlases.
In appearance, Jansson's map are very similar to Blaeu's, in good part since he recycled Mercator's plates acquired by Blaeu from the Hondiuses; and also because he copied extensively the production of his chief cartography rival.
After his death, quite a few of his plates were acquired by Pieter Schenk and Gerald Valk, who continued printing them till 1683. Of note:
- 1628: Atlas Minor (another remake of the 1607 Mercator's reduced maps).
- 1638: Atlas Novus, starting with only two volumes, grew up to six volumes , was re-edited till 1666.
- 1647: Atlas Major, produced in four different languages till 1683.

GalliŠ veteris typus.

This large map (19 ╝" X 15 3/8") is directly derived from the 1570 map (same title) by Ortelius, based on Julius Caesar's "De bello Gallico". This map was recycled many times over by famous mapmakers such as Blaeu, Hondius and Jansson.
The present item seems to have been engraved around 1630 (possibly for Jansson's 1631 "Theatrum Universal Galliae"), it was probably printed for either the 1647 "Atlas Major", or for the 1652 "Accuratissima Orbis Antiqui Delineatio". It shows France under Roman occupation, divided into five massive administrative provinces: Belgica, Celtica, Aquitanica, Lugdunensis and Narbonensis; covering present days France, Belgium, Luxembourg, and parts of: Germany, Holland and Switzerland. Geographical depiction is acceptable in most parts, safe for the course of the Rhone River, and to a lesser extent the coast lines of both the Cotentin and Cornwall peninsulas.
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