L'Espagne suivant les nouvelles observations. - #2136

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DATE: c1748

MAP MAKER: Georges Louis Le Rouge.

SIZE: 10 3/16" X 7 3/4".

PRICE: $225.00


Georges Louis Le Rouge; 1712 - 1790.

A man of many a talent, Le Rouge was a military engineer by profession. He turned publisher in Paris around 1740, producing till 1781 a wide range of attractive works covering: plans of fortification, military campaigns, town plans, atlases, sea charts, topographic maps, architecture drawings, garden designs, etc.
Most of his publications were in rather small formats: quarto or octavo, but he also printed individual maps and some atlases in large format.
He is mostly known for his maps of north America: in particular the 1742 "Recueil des cartes nouvelles", the 1755 "Recueil des plans de l'Amerique", and above all the 1778 "Atlas ameriquain septentrional" and the "Pilote americain septentrional", both showing with great precision the details of the seat of the American war of independence.

L'Espagne suivant les nouvelles observations.

This map (10 3/16" X 7 ") was probably engraved for the 1748 "Atlas nouveau portatif".
It is not known when it was printed, tentatively for the third edition published by Crepy in 1767.
It describes the political organization of the Iberian peninsula at that time:
- the kingdom of Portugal,
- the kingdom of Algarve (which will be annexed to Portugal in 1773 following the massive destruction due to the 1755 earthquake),
- Spain (itself a collection of kingdoms, provinces and principalities).
- Gibraltar, ceded to Britain in 1704.
- Curiously, no mention is made of Andorra (independent since 1278).
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