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DATE: 1779

MAP MAKER: John Blair

SIZE: 27 7/8" X 16 1/8"

PRICE: $650.00


John Blair, c1725-1783.

The reverend Blair, a founding father of the science of Chronology, received a clerical education in Edinburgh, moved to London where he received his law doctorate (Legum Doctor, LLD), became a fellow of the Royal Society (FRS), was employed as the tutor to King George III’s brother,… etc. He accumulated honors and rewarding charges (such as the vicarage of Saint Bride in London, and the rectory of St John the Evangelist in Westminster).

His only forays in cartography were for the sole purpose of illustrating the succession of events making the history of the world (from the creation to the year of Christ 1753); in a word: “Tables of Chronology”. The successful book was re-issued several times till 1788.

A map of the World with the latest discoveries

This large double hemisphere map (27 7/8" X 16 1/8") was issued as an addendum to Blair's famous tables of chronology. It reflects the latest exploration discoveries, specially those made by James Cook during his three expeditions on the Endeavour.
The first voyage in 1768-1771 led to the good delineation of the New Zealand isles and of the Australian west coast, and the correct position of Otaheite ( Tahiti).
The second voyage in 1772-1775 dispelled the existence of a large southern continent, Cook crossing the polar circle could not locate any landmass.
The last voyage dispelled the myth of the straight of Anian (also linked to the fabled northwest passage over and above Canada), and discovered the Sandwich Islands (Owhyhee, or Hawai), where he was killed by natives.

Notice that longitudes are given east and west of Ferro island, as it was still customary to do at that time.

Notice also the antipodes of London southwest of New Zealand.

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