Isles Antilles. - #2087

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DATE: 1670.

MAP MAKER: Pierre Duval.

SIZE: 4 7/8" X 3 7/8".

PRICE: $550.00


Pierre Duval; c1619-1683.

Son in law of Nicolas Sanson (aka: Sanson d'Abbeville), Duval published an amazingly large number of works between 1651 and his death.
Except for a few individual maps in a large folio format, most of his productions were diminutive pocket size atlases. His contribution was more to dissiminate geographical knowledge, than to advance the science of accurate cartography. In a sense, he preceded Alain Manesson Mallet on the french geography digest market.
Of note: the 1651 "Table geographique de tous les pays du monde", the 1672 "Cartes de geographie les plus nouvelles", and the 1682 "Geographie universelle), re-issued in 1691 and 1694.

Isles Antilles.

This rare small map (4 7/8" X 3 7/8") may have been prepared for the 1662 "Cartes de Geographie", or more probably for the 1670 "Le Monde ou la Geographie Universelle"; both pocket atlases issued in the same miniature 12mo format.
It shows only two urban centers of primary importance (shown each by a larger "church' symbol): La Havana (Cuba) and Cartagena (Colombia), both being key to the spanish gold fleet operations. Interestingly, it mentions the name of the indian tribe occupying the (then) relatively unimportant south Florida: Tegeste (known today as the Tequestas, of the Miami circle fame).
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