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DATE: 1756

MAP MAKER: Jacques Nicolas Bellin.

SIZE: 12 1/4" X 8 1/8"

PRICE: $150.00


Jacques Nicolas Bellin; 1703-1772.

A first rank cartographer, Bellin worked for some fifty years at the French Hydrographic Service (Dépôt de la Marine); which he ran till his death.
His career was mainly devoted to charting and mapping coastlines, harbors, sea lanes. Most of his publications were related to nautical matters: maps for "Histoire Générale des Voyages"* between 1747 and his death, "Atlas Maritime" in 1751, "Neptune François" in 1753, "Petit Atlas Maritime" in 1764.
He is known to have used informations from the best fellow cartographers of his time, to complement the in-land parts of his maps, notably: Guillaume Delisle and Jean-Baptiste Bourguignon d'Anville. Fame, enormous output and fastidious quality of work, earned him the appointment of "Hydrographer to the King" by Louis XV of France. He was also a member of the Royal Society in London.

* A work of encyclopedic size first publishedin 1747 by Antoine François Prévost d'Exile. Later remodelings till 1789 incorporated some two hundred new maps (quite a few by Bellin), and other authors travel writings (e.g.: Gmelin's "Voyage au Kamchatka par la Sibérie" in volume 25 in 1779).

Carte du Paraguay et des pays voisins,.

This quintessential map (12 1/4" X 8 1/8") was engraved for the 1756 issue of "Histoire Générale".
It shows two remarkable items:
. The extant of "Paraguay", see the frontier doted line:
-West: off Buenos Aires, to the Andes, then angling towards Potosi/La Plata.
-East: ending on the Atlantic coast north of Montevideo.
. The amazing number of "Reductions or Indian villages", specially along the Parana River, the Uruguay River, and on the "Border" with Brazil. Between 1609 and 1767, the Jesuit fathers had developed an extremely successful system of missions (or reductions) where the Guarani Indians could live in peace and prosper.
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