L'America Meridionale Nuouamente corretta,... - #2060

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DATE: c1677.

MAP MAKER: Giacomo Cantelli da Vignola.
Giovanni Giacomo de' Rossi.

SIZE: 21 9/16” X 15 ½”.

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Giacomo Cantelli da Vignola; 1643 - 1695.

Important Italian cartographer and engraver born near Vignola, after his literature studies in Bologna, he relocated to Venice where he developed an interest in cartography. He later traveled to Paris and befriended French cartographer Guillaume Sanson. Most influenced by the innovative French cartography of the day, he returned back to Italy where he became acquainted with the Italian printer Giovanni Giacomo de Rossi with whom he published most of his maps. Acquired renown made him the inspiration for later cartographers such as Vincenzo Maria Coronelli.

Giovanni Giacomo de' Rossi; 1627 - 1691.

This talented Roman engraver- cartographer- printer- publisher took over the successful print shop his father Giuseppe had established... shop which survived through the ages to be known today as the "Calcografia Nazionale".
He is mostly known for his engravings: garden vistas, architectural sketches, antique monuments and statues renderings.
Cartographically, in conjunction with the mapmaker Giacomo Cantelli da Vignola, most of Rossi's work consisted in the remarkable Italian baroque Atlas "Mercurio Geografico Overo Guida Geografica in Tutte le Parti del mondo", issued several times between 1677 and 1714.


L'America Meridionale Nuouamente corretta....

This large map (21 9/16” X 15 ½”) was designed for the "Mercurio" on the basis of previous works by Sanson the Younger (see credit in the cartouche). The present item is a first state (later states started in 1687).
Coastal delineation and general hydrography are rather accurate.
Notice the Spanish political administration of the continent: four provinces (Terra Firme, Peru, Chile, and an enormous Paraguay), plus the Amazone area and Terra Magellanica.
While The Portuguese control Brasile with fourteen well defined Captainships and a vast ill defined hinterland.
Notice also the fantasy Lake Parime (from the El Dorado legend).
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