Carte geo-hydrographique du golfe du Mexique et de ses isles..- #2005

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DATE: 1787

MAP MAKER: Giovanni Antonio Rizzi-Zannoni

SIZE: 17 3/4" X 12 7/16".

PRICE: $475.00


Giovanni Antonio Rizzi-Zannoni, 1736-1814.

The multi talented Rizzi-Zannoni (mathematician, astronomer, land surveyor,. ), Geographer to the Venetian Republique, was soon appointed Hydrographer to the Dépôt de la Marine in Paris.
Under the influence of the head of the Dépôt (J N Bellin till 1772), he perfected his style of great accuracy and meticulous detail.
At Bellin's death, he was passed over for the top position, and the very prolific R Bonne took over the Dépôt. Rizzi soon moved back to his native Italy.
Most of his works were published in France, such as "Atlas Géographique" in 1762, "Atlas Historique de la France" and "Le Petit Neptune François" in 1765. After 1792, he published in Naples maps of Italian provinces.

Carte geo-hydrographique du golfe du Mexique et de ses isles..

This large map (17 ¾ " X 12 7/16") seems to have been prepared for a 1787 edition of the 1776 Jean Lattre's "Atlas Moderne", to which both Janvier and Bonne were the main contributors.
Late editions of said atlas are known to incorporate significant new maps of the North American continent, specially for the US, Mexico and the Gulf.
The map spectacular delineation of the coast lines dates a little; the Florida archipelago representation in particular had already been abandoned by cartographers such as Bonne as early as in 1780. But otherwise, it is characterized by the minutia that Rizzi-Zannoni always brought to his works.
Notice that longitudes are given west of the meridian of Paris, as it was then customary in France.
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