Imperium Caroli Magni.....- #2346

DATE: 1757

MAP MAKER: Didier Robert de Vaugondy.

SIZE: 21 11/16" X 11 3/4”

PRICE: $400.00

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Gilles Robert de Vaugondy*; 1688-1766.
Didier Robert de Vaugondy, son; c1723-1786.
Charles François Delamarche, successor; 1740-1817.
    G Robert de Vaugondy, related to the Sanson family, inherited a wealth of cartographic materials in 1730 at Pierre Moulard Sanson's passing away. He had also acquired most of the plates and maps of Hubert Alexis Jaillot upon his death in 1712.
With ample and continuous revisions, corrections and additions, this was the basis for his major work: "Atlas Universel" first printed in 1757, and later reissued in 1783 and 1793.
Worth mentioning is also the "Atlas Portatif" in 1748-1749.
    His son produced in 1761 the famous "Part de l'Amérique Septentrionale", and later a "Nouvel Atlas Portatif".
    Delamarche, corrected and revised as necessary to continue publish quite a few of these works (e.g.: "Nouvel Atlas Portatif" of 1806); often giving prominent credit to his source (which may be misleading in some cases).
   As such much of the Vaugondy maps are known for their large number of states, making them easy to identify with respect to their printing date.
   * Gilles is often marking his maps: Le Sieur, or: Monsieur Robert.

Imperium Caroli Magni.....
D Robert de Vaugondy; 1757.                                                                            
   This large map ( 21 11/16 " X 18 3/4 ")  is largely derived from earlier historical attempts (see for example the volume "Orbis Antiquus" of the "Atlas Novus" by Jan  Janssoon) to picture the area of influence of the Holy Roman Empire at the time of Charlemagne's death in 814.
   In 1757 Gilles and Didier compiled older and more recent maps, and  published the two parts  "Atlas Universel". The index of the atlas shows that the first part "Géographie Ancienne" (or geography of the past) comprised  twelve maps  (the present item being map # 12).
The second part "Géographie Moderne" (geography of the present) containing  91 maps. But 5 more postal routes maps (England, France, Germany, Spain and Italy) were added during the printing and are mentioned in the preface, for a total of 108 maps.
   The present item is marked 1752 but its printing date is most probably 1757, and definitely before 1760 when a noticeable change in the last lines in the cartouche is introduced.
   Notice the Hadrian wall, and the rolling back of the Moslem Arabic invasion down south of the Ebro River (hence creating the Spanish Marches of the Carolingian Empire). Notice also the basic three part organization of Gallia, Germania and Italia which will dominate the European scene until the 1519 ascent to the HRE throne of Carlos V.
On verso in upper corners: "CAROLI MAGNI IMPERIUM"
Paper water mark of Richard Lauvergne, 1749 on the left side..




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