Neapolis regnum quo continentur.... - #2179

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DATE: c1770

MAP MAKER: Tobias Conrad Lotter.

SIZE: 19 5/8" X 22 3/4".

PRICE: $700.00


Tobias Conrad Lotter; 1717 - 1777.
Georg Friedrich Lotter (son); c 1740 - 1787.
Mathias Albrecht Lotter (son); 1741 - 1810.

A skillful engraver based in Augsburg, Lotter often worked for another German mapmaker: Matthaüs Seutter (whose daughter he marries).
After the death of Seutter in 1756, he takes over the publishing business in association with Seutter's son Albrecht Carl.
He remains one of the last and best known cartographer of the XVIIIth century German school. Of note; the 1760 Atlas Geographicus Portabilis, and the Atlas Géographique of 1778.
At his death, the business was taken over by Mathias Albrecht.


Neapolis regnum quo continentur....
This large map (19 5/8" X 22 ¾") is the last of a derivative series.
It is basically a simple remake of a map by M Seutter, which itself was copied from an earlier work (c1680) by F de Wit.
Seutter only modified the bottom cartouche to account for the Bourbon family take over of the Kingdom in 1734 (see the coat of arms with the lily flowers)
The printing date of the present item is not known, it is believed to be for an early edition of the Atlas Novus.
Extremely detailed, it shows the twelve provinces making up the Kingdom, which was often confusingly called the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies.
Notice that the capital city of Caserta is not much shown (the royal castle, one of the very largest in Europe, was not started until 1752 and ready for occupation until 1780).
Notice also that none of the Greek-Roman ruins (Pompeï, Herculanum. Paeastum) are shown since they will not be discovered until the second half of the XVIIIth century.
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